Tuesday 28 July 2015
Welcome to my blog.Since 4 years I was trying my level best to create an unique blog for my friends,followers,relatives & others which will give an advantage to learn some ideas as well as to realize the basic knowledge,duties & responsibilities for every human being.

In my blog basically four pages are maintained keeping in mind , the management students.As because I am also in the same stream & want to make the students of our country more strong in those concentration like HR, Marketing,Operations & Logistics Supply Chain Management.

Except that my concentration will be on the recent issues,economic condition,share market position,new arrivals,technology,internet,innovative idea will be placed for all. I am trying my level best to share the knowledge acquired by me from different sources.

In this world man is small social animal but the biggest achievements go in favor of him.The cunning man want to cover up the world in his palm by the technology.In this era technology is taking the earth to the tip of the success.The term which is fit here is GLOBALIZATION.

You can go to anywhere and can come back to your original place in some hours.So no one can not feel the importance pain to achieve some thing in his life.By sitting at one country one can access the computer from the other country.What is it? It's the miracle of software and technology.

Hence my journey starts here with my first post.So be with me and watch my real videos,updates,& comment on them with your valuable words.You can reach me at you all.